Charitable Donations

Wintell & Co possesses professional demeanors and excellent moralities. Wintell & Co has actively participated in various social welfare undertakings, bearing social responsibilities in a variety of forms. Wintell & Co insists on the compassion donation activity perennially which is named as “Love with drought in the West Region and helping with water cellar construction”. Since water resource in the West Region is deficient and polluted, local people live a difficult life and the production there falls behind. That also leads to the high incidences of diarrhea and dysentery. To help people living in the remote western areas and poor areas solve drinking water problems and improve their living environment, Wintell & Co has donatedto the “Water Cellar for Mothers” Project for five consecutive years since 2012, centralizing on water supply and delivering the water cellars to the most serious water shortage region in Gansu Province. Wintell & Co also established the Poverty Program Policy internally in order to help those employees who have financial difficulties. As long as our employee’s family suffer from difficulties, our law firm will provide appropriate assistance to these employees after case verification. Our law firm also actively participates in a variety of community service activities, such as poverty alleviation, convenience activities and others. When there are heavy disasters happened, Wintell & Co always organizes employees to donate at first time and delivers the donations to charitable organizations on time. Wintell & Co has organized donations for Wenchuan Earthquake, etc. and tried our best to help victims.

Volunteer Service

Meeting the needs of community residents and participating in the service activity of “Learning from Lei Feng and offering the compassion” actively. Wintell & Co provides pro bono legal consulting services to grassroots and social vulnerable groups through organizing young lawyers and street offices in pairs, which has helped social vulnerable groups solve lots of tough disputes. Since 2010, Wintell & Co has insisted on assigning lawyers to Lujiazui Street providing pro bono legal consulting services perennially. Wintell & Co has received the praise of the masses and will also contribute to the construction of our harmonious society. Loving with the Orphanage children and concerning about the growth of children The Zhoushan Office of Wintell & Co organized lawyers and employees to the joint social welfare center, visiting orphans and disabled children living there and giving presents to them during annual International Children’s Day on June 1, 2016. Our lawyers and employees sent daily supplies, such as diapers and milk powders, and desserts especially made for the International Children’s Day, and also interacted with children, encouraging them to grow up optimistically and live in a happy life. That let the children there feel warmth and care from social families. And the representative of the social welfare center expressed their heartfelt thanks to our lawyers’ kindness and goodwill.

Social Public Service

The legal counselling service for school making further progress Wintell & Co continues to provide legal counselling service for school in Pudong New District in 2016. Through visiting these schools regularly, our team knows about each school’s features and their joint demands, and has assisted schools and teachers there to handle legal problems; our team also has assisted schools to improve different kinds of documents and materials through collecting and sorting out the charter documents and other materials; our team has carried out campus lectures for many times and sends legal information regularly, enhancing the school's legal awareness on protecting their legitimate rights and aiming to avoid the occurrence of various disputes. Based on the accumulation of practical experience and summary of work, we try to make innovation on the methods of working and then help the schools solve more difficult problems. Meanwhile, with the joint efforts of several lawyers from Wintell & Co’s school legal counselling team, Wintell & Co produced , aiming to promote school safety issues under the current legal framework, which has caused widespread repercussions and obtained strong support and appreciation from the Pudong Education Bureau. Focusing on the development of college students and training talents for society On the development path, Wintell & Co not only focuses on upgrading professional skills, but also pays attention to the legal personnel training program. Wintell & Co has established “Wintell Linghang Scholarship” at the Lawyer College of East China University of Political Science and Law to award students who are eligible for overseas study each year. Wintell & Co has sponsored the eight-school debates held by Shanghai Maritime University for five consecutive years, aiming to guide college students to actively participate in discussions on social news and promote the training program on the students’ eloquence ability. Wintell & Co is also very concerned about the reserve talents and actively absorbs outstanding talents from colleges and universities. At the same time of providing internship opportunities, Wintell & Co cares about the growth of college students and their accumulation of social experience. Many lawyers have served as distinguished professors, master instructors, part-time researchers and other positions in many universities, such as East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai International Studies University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Our lawyers use their expertise for the training of legal successors and contribute to the development of next generation.