Wintell & Co is committed to developing aperfect training system for young talented lawyers to grow and gain usefulskills and knowledge through a comprehensive combination of internal and externaltrainings ranging from induction training, professional training, to lecturesand seminars given by partners and experienced lawyers.

We offer standard and competitivesalary packages under an incentive structure, which enables young lawyers tofully devote themselves into the improvement of their professional skills tolay a solid foundation for their life-time career.

We are expecting motivatedand proactive candidates. If you are one, join us!

Job list
Salaried Attorneys

Requirements for a position:

1.The person should be younger than 35 years old with three to five years of experience as an attorney.

2.The person is keen on and devote himself to work of lawyers on a long-term basis.

3.Graduates or post graduates graduated from foreign or domestic well-known colleges with qualification certificate of legal service.

4.Have rich legal knowledge and practical experience in corporate services, with strong logics and analytical ability and independent professional ability related to non-litigation and litigation services.

5.Good spoken English and strong ability of translation, being excellent in writing and communication in legal English.

6.Being honest, earnest and confident, with strong communication ability and the ability to organize a team.


Requirements for a position:

1.CET 6 or above, frequent English, with an excellent ability of legal English and good writing.

2.graduates or postgraduates who major in law.

3.Rich knowledge in law and have strong sense of responsibility, with spirit of cooperation. Being responsible for work and can assume much pressure.

4.Be proficient in using work software.

5.The person who has passed national judicial examination will be considered in advance.