Wintell & Co has always focused on high-end financial legal service since establishment. Utilizing our own professional advantages, we provide perennial quality legal services for commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, trust companies, financial companies, funds, other financial institutions, as well as government departments. We have established exclusive advantages in banking compliance, insurance products, fund projects, trust products, and various types of loans.
Wintell & Co professional finance team has lawyers with strong academic background and extensive practice experiences. Our finance team has maintained effective communication with major financial supervising institutions, financial chambers of courts at all levels, university financial law research institutions and experts in Shanghai. Besides being very familiar with the legal knowledge in various financial fields, our team also has deep understanding of the management models and operational processes of banks, insurance companies, trusts and funds. We are dedicated to providing high quality and innovative legal services to our domestic and international clients.
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Business Category
Bank Loans:
Daily routine services, due diligence, program design, business negotiation, compliance review, document drafting; foreign acquisitions and leveraged financing, loans, notes, finance leases, collateral disposal, and non-performing assets clearing.

Insurance and Reinsurance:
Insurance product analysis, compliance review, document preparation and audit; insurance claims and recovery; facultative reinsurance, reinsurance claims, amortization, and recovery; legal training; insurance consumer protection; litigation/arbitration.

Trust Legal Services:
Securities investment trusts, loan trusts, equity investment trusts, share investment trusts, family wealth trusts; due diligence, structural design, document drafting.

Funds and Subsidiaries:
Private equity, venture capital funds, real estate funds, hedge funds, securities funds, parent funds; structural design, document drafting, business negotiation, administrative approval, fund raising, tax consultation; fund investment and acquisitions, leveraged acquisitions, domestic and foreign financing, fund withdrawal.

Financial Leasing:
Structural optimization, process risk control; asset trading, financing, leasing, management, trusteeship; receivables financing, asset securitization, asset transfer and etc.
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