Family Law
Wintell & Co is reputed for its rich experience in family legal service with a legal team professional in marriage law, insurance law, tax law, trust law, company law and transnational family issues so as to provide comprehensive legal service in connection with family issues.
In recent years, Wintell family legal team go frontier in the family service in corresponding with the need of our clients based on the traditional family legal service. Excel in various wealth management instrument, Wintell legal team provide the high-end legal service in holistic view with support from professional institutes outside.
Wintell legal team provide family legal service for companies and individuals home and abroad, assist with family business and private banking clients in family inheritance and wealth planning. Our clients come from famous insurance companies, insurance agencies, private banking, third-party wealth advisers, trust companies and the individual clients within.
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Business Category
1、Traditional Family Legal Service
The property, children issue during cohabit
Premarital due diligence research and premarital agreement
Marital agreement and separation agreement
Divorce agreement and settlement of divorce dispute
Property dispute after divorce
Alteration of custody and upbringing maintenance
Dispute of visitation right
Testament (including testamentary trust)
Inheritance dispute
Intended guardianship
Real estate dispute
Other family involved dispute

2、Transnational Family Affairs
Children’s identity planning and nationality choosing
Foreign-related premarital agreement
Foreign-related divorce dispute
Foreign-related maintenance dispute
Foreign-related property division
Foreign-related inheritance
Foreign-related testament service
Foreign-related testament and testamentary trust
Foreign-related individual investment
Foreign-related real estate dispute

3、Legal Consultant on Family Issues
Premarital wealth planning
Marital property arrangement and wealth management
Property safeguarding in divorce
Global property arrangement
Tax planning and wealth inheritance
Equity design and optimizing
Family legal service in capital market
High-end testament and testamentary trust
Charitable trust and foundation
Private family issue consult service
Training on individual wealth protection and succession
Legal training for counselling companies