Real Estate & Construction
Wintell & Co has a good tradition in providing legal services in this area. Our services in this area cover every steps from project initiation of real estate development, project financing, construction to advertising and sale, and estate management. We provide legal services to infrastructure projects, traditional manufacturing construction projects, hi-tech industrial construction projects, commercial construction projects such as premier hotels, supermarkets, office-buildings, tourist amenities, entertainment facilities, civil construction projects such as houses, villas and apartment buildings, and construction projects relating to cultural, educational and public health.
With efficient team-work, rich experience and profound knowledge in this field, our real estate lawyers are familiar with every commercial link in projects construction, investment and finance, project initiation and operation of real estates. They are therefore fully competent to provide professional and trusted legal services to our clients.
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Business Category
Establishment and Reorganization of Real Estate Company, Property Management Company and Construction Enterprise
Transfer, Lease and Mortgage of Right of Use of State-owned Land
Initiation, Planning and Design of Real Estate Project
House Expropriation and Related Compensation
Transfer of Real Estate Project
House Purchase, Sale and Lease
Contract for Construction of Project
Real Estate Financing and Loan
Construction Project Financing
EPC, PPP Project Development
Property Management
Real Estate Litigation and Arbitration
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