In recent years, Wintell & Co is actively expanding the legal practices in the aviation sector. Our aviation team not only has a profound understanding and good command of relevant laws and regulations, but also pays close attention to the latest development in this field at home and abroad. As a result, we have gained our customers’ consistent high praise in dealing with transactions, compliance as well as dispute resolutions in the aviation sector.
Committed to providing internationalized high-quality aviation legal services, Wintell formally set up a joint office with Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW) in 2016 in Shanghai Free Trade Zone. HFW is known as a leader in the global market of aviation legal services with its rich experience and good reputation, and has already developed a strong network of dedicated aviation legal experts. In addition, Wintell has recently developed its aviation legal business in Africa and Southeast Asia, and maintains good cooperative relations with local firms.
Our aviation team promises to provide legal services to our customers in a comprehensive and professional way with a global perspective.
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Business Category
Draft, Revise or Negotiate of Aero-product Sales Agreements, Maintenance and Repair Agreements, Product Support Agreements, Multi-modal Logistics and Supply Chain Management Agreements, etc.
Aircraft Financing and Leasing Services
Legal Services Relating to Airport Construction and Operation
Legal Service Relating to Airline Compliance and Management of Specified Crew Members
M&A, Joint Venture Arrangements,Foreign Direct Investment in Aviation Sector
Complex Disputes in Litigation or Arbitration in Aviation Sector
Aviation Insurance Disputes