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Wintell & Co has formed its own characteristics in the legal service of medical area, being employed by the first-rank hospitals, secondary-level hospitals, communities, medical institutions and medical enterprise as the legal counsel throughout the years, and provided the legal services covering areas of medicine, medical drugs, medical apparatus and etc. In addition, Wintell & Co is adept at dealing with medical damages, administration,organ donation and transplantation, and complicated cases concerning medical crime and other interdisciplinary matters. Wintell & Co has also accumulated rich practical experience in the area of mergers, acquisitions and IPO of medical institutions and further gained the good reputation. Moreover, Wintell & Co also has the experience of dealing with matters involving compensation of drug defects, administration and criminal liabilities of drug inspection, securities financing of medical enterprise, fund programs of medicine industry, equity financing of overseas market, routine legal consult and etc. Wintell & Co has the ability of dealing with many complicated cases. The extinguished service the medical legal team has provided includes registration and establishment of medical companies, daily operation, product defect, investment and etc. Our medical legal team is comprised of professional lawyers who are equipped with eminent medical technique and years of experience. The team is not only familiar with the legal knowledge of medical matters, but also adept at the management and risk control of medical institution and enterprise and public institution of medical apparatus.
The medical team of Wintell & Co is dedicated to providing timely, accurate and efficient legal service to all sorts of institutions involving medicine, medical drugs, medical apparatus.
The medical team has settled abundant litigation and lawsuit arising from medical compensation for damages, project of financing, merger and acquisition and projects of risk management. The team has accumulated much practical experience and become the professional legal team which clients always trust.
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Business Category
1、Routine Legal Services of Medical Institutions:
-Contentious and non-contentious medical issues;
-Drafting, reviewing and amendment of routine contract;
-Legal advice and dispute resolution of labor relation;
-Legal consult and review of management process relating to medicine, medical drugs, medical apparatus and etc.
2、Registration, Equity Transfer, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financing of Medical Institutions :
-Providing legal advice, drafting, demonstrating, reviewing and implementing the plan mentioned above;
-Drafting, reviewing and revising legal documents, including but not limited to agreements, reports and etc.;
-Handling procedures of approval and registration;
-Providing value-added services such as resource integration in accordance with customers’ needs.
3、Routine Legal Service of Enterprises of Medicine and Medical Equipment:
-Contentious and non-contentious issues on compensation arising from medicine and equipment defects;
-Disputes on administration/criminal liabilities arising from drug inspection;
-Legal matters relating to securities financing of medical enterprise, fund programs of medicine industry, equity financing of overseas market and etc.