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Wintell & Co, founded in 2005, is headquartered in Shanghai and currently has offices in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Ningbo, Zhoushan as well. It has set up an associated office with Holman Fenwick Willan LLP, a UK firm, in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone. After rapid and steady development over the past decade, Wintell & Co is emerging as a pre-eminent law firm of dispute resolution in finance, insurance, maritime & shipping, real estate &construction, etc. Wintell & Co has been securing firm footholds in the fields of, amongst others, corporate &commerce, capital markets, intellectual property,labor & employment. We are committed ourselves to cultivating a deep understanding of the clients' needs and strive to deliver professional and practical legal solutions that create value.
Expertise Creates Value
Wintell & Co, true to its philosophy of "Expertise Creates Value", is dedicated itself to building a cohort of trustworthy legal team of the highest calibre. It nowhas more than 50 partners and nearly 150 lawyers with a variety of areas of practice. All ourlegal professionals are graduated from reputable Chinese and / or foreign law schools. Over 80% of them hold a master's or doctorate degree, exhibiting a fine combination of erudition and pragmatism. Many have experiences of education, training,or practice in the UK, Canada, Japan, Belgium, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan,etc, which afford them with an international outlook and theawareness of the nuanced differences between the East and the West.
International Professional Services
Wintell & Co is an integrated partnership. Effective management rules are properly made andteamwork strongly encouraged in order to gain synergy. Thanks to the joint operating office with the foreign law firm, we have built an international service network through which our clients, both at home and abroad, can capitalise with ease on the expertise and legal service of the firm as a whole. We maintain good working relationships with Chinese judicial departments and relevant governmental authorities at various levels. So in touch with latest judicial practices and newest industrial developments arewe therefore capable of proposing viable solutions in an ever changing market. Over time, we have built robust business relationships with top law firms in many overseas jurisdictions(including Hong Kong)such that first-rate legal services all over the world are made more accessible to our clients.